Through the Trees in Real Life

We awoke to snow in Texas today! I took this shot of Sally, Diana, and Roy queing up for the feeders. Names courtesy of all the teenagers that are at my home warming up before the next round of snow fun! If you have PTI's Through the Trees stamp set this scene will look familiar.

Kids headed out at 8 am to start building a fort. Only on a snow day do we rise so early. They have since been fed chicken noodle soup and changed into dry clothes.

The red heart from IKEA graces my front door.

The snow is still falling which is absolutely unheard of in our neck of the woods.

Stay Warm!! ~Rhonda


  1. Wow, look at that snow! Bet the kids are having a blast. Really cool heart there on the front door!

  2. Love that photo of the cardinals in the trees... So pretty!

    6 boys hanging out today? You're a brave woman! LOL :) Looks like they're having fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing the peaceful and not so peaceful photos. Stay warm.

  4. What fun for the teens! Love the bird photo and that beautiful heart on your front door. This is such a crazy winter! Stay warm.

  5. Merci de nous faire partager ces clichés

  6. You have fun playing in the snow! That's what our house looks like from November through April usually, except in April more muddy. :) Sweet pictures.

  7. Oh my, what gorgeous pictures!! The first is my fav, I so love birds!!


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