Mail Carrier Day!

Thank a Mail Carrier Day is your chance to say thanks to the guy, or gal, who delivers your mail.

Did you Know? Pony Express riders were the most famous early American "mailmen". Their motto was " Neither rain, nor snow, nor death of the night, can keep us from our duty".

Make it a point to catch your mail carrier enroute today or sometime soon. Give him or her a great big smile and a great big "TY". We want to keep those stamp orders arriving!

I'm giving a card and a little chocolate to my mail carrier.

One of the reasons I'm enjoying my fun calendar dates is that so many focus on appreciating the ordinary. Often times I am looking and planning for the BIG event and then miss the everyday.   



  1. My daughter and I both new that. We learned all about it in history last year. How nice of you to do that for your mailman. I don't even know how my mailman is since we have so many different ones. Love those letter and mail stamps you used. Where did you get them?

  2. I love your fun calendar facts Rhonda!! Your mail carrier will appreciate this so much!! Very sweet of you! :)

  3. How sweet are you to think of your mailman! :)

  4. Such a sweet thank you gift! You're a sweetie!

  5. Love your fun dates. What a lovely thank-you for your mailman!

  6. Can I catch my mail carrier tomorrow? :) I'd like to leave them a little something, great idea and cute little package you made.


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