Organizing My Dies - Part 2

I am back with the completion of my die storage. Storing the larger and long dies was a challenge, but I hope I have discovered the pitfalls and some solutions that will make it easier if you choose to implement a new system.

I found two different products. The first is the Office Depot clear pockets. I love the weight and the little thumb notch at the top. Problem - some of my dies such as the PTI seed packet and essential pillow box dies wouldn't fit!

The next product is the Staples sheet protectors. I had to do a couple of things to make them work. The first is of my own choosing to cut 1/2" OFF the top to stay consistent with the clear pockets I had started with. The second was to cut off the binder holes. I wanted the clean look in my box. 

TIP for YOU: If I has starting from scratch I would buy the sheet protectors and cut off the binder holes and forgo the clear pockets. 

As I don't have as many large and longer dies I decided to group these by category such as large dies, impression plates, cover plates, and long border dies. 

TIP for YOU: Do you own any of the masks/stencils used for spray mists? I put my Studio Calico masks as a category in their own page protectors. This way I won't forget that I own them.

For the long border dies I used the sheet protectors and my sewing machine to stitch pockets that are 2" wide. I put the name of each one on the outside.

I received several questions asking if the Spellbinder dies would work in this system. The answer is YES. The only set that I own that wouldn't fit in the small pouches is the long rectangle dies seen below.

The only die that I own that didn't fit in any pocket is my PTI - Front and Center die. It is large enough that it just stands on its own.

I keep my top cutting plate, metal shim, and painter's tape in the front of the box. My embossing pads and extra cutting plates on in the back. Just keeping it all together people.

My box is a matching piece to my smaller Target Threshold Tip Towel Basket. This basket is called the "small basket." The dimensions are 9" L x 7 1/4" W x 6 1/4" H. I love that I can store them on my work counter or . . .

in the cabinet above. You can also see some of the organization I have been doing of ALL my craft supplies. It you are interested in "seeing" inside the cabinets let me know.

I hope you have been inspired to take control of your dies. I think it was a worthwhile investment of my time. If you missed my first post on die organization you can find it here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. ~Rhonda


  1. Is that a t.v. on your cabinet door? Love to see everyones solutions for organization! Glad you found a system that works for you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is wonderful. I am in the process of organizing and redecorating my craft room and I am desperate to find compact storage...this is a great idea! I especially like that you sewed pockets in the folders...ingenious! I can't wait to hit Staples! Keep the ideas coming!

  3. Part 2 is as awesome as Part 1! So smart to use sheet protectors for the big dies...I have some of those lying around already. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and ideas, Rhonda! I have yet to delve in to this project but will be checking back at your photos in the next few weeks. Hope to be getting to this by the end of February!

  4. Such a great system. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great system. Thanks for sharing! - Irma

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your system! After trying a couple of ways to store dies, neither that was totally satisfactory, I will be giving yours a try. It looks wonderful!

  7. Oh Rhonda thank you for sharing your die storage! My dies are a MESS....I need a system! question: do you JUST have PTI or do you have others? I know you mentioned Spellbinders. I have so many from other companies and just dont' know if I should group them by company or say put all the hearts together. Thoughts on this since your die storage is done? :)


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