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I am fortunate enough to have 2 drawers for paper. I had previously stored my paper by alphabetic order (paper color name) as I mainly had paper from one company. But as I have added paper from other companies I needed a better way to integrate all the colors. 

You can also see that the color labels are staggered and there is an occasionally folder of a different color as seen in the picture below with the arrows.

I decided to change and group by the color wheel. So all the neutrals, blues, greens, etc are together. I also decided to put all the labels for the neutrals for example in the same position. It is a great visual clue. I don't know about you but visual clutter is distracting and I don't think we even realize it tell we see the before and after. Don't you think the drawer looks much happier?

The second drawer holds my clear bags, paper bags, transparencies, inspiration files, etc. I had so many plastic bags. I did a major purge. 

The second drawer is once more organized and ready to go!

At the back of the drawer are files with labels that are ready to go for whatever new thing I bring home. Having these in place help keep it going.

How do you store your paper? ~Rhonda


  1. Great system. I love the feeling of getting organized. I recently got a bunch of SU colors to fill in the gaps in my PTI. I reorganized from alphabetical to the order of the color wheel, and I just love my system. I keep all the scraps and sheets together, and almost never cut into a full sheet any more.

    1. Hi Joyce! I love filing the paper by the color wheel. It really makes it easier to use.

  2. Much better! I don't like the visual clutter either. My drawer is one step further in that I put the name label on a strip of the actual paper so I can see the color as well as read the name. (I like the name to be able to match with same ink color). That helps with quick cards.

    1. I like your idea of putting the actual color of paper on the label. Thanks for visiting today.

  3. Did I miss how you organize your stamps?

  4. I store my stamps in folders from Hobby Lobby (like Tim Holtz has). I did do a couple of posts about dies that you might be interested in.


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