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I wish I could say that I'm been crafty but I am needing to make decisions on the laundry room remodel so I've been spending lots of time looking for inspiration. I would LOVE to know what you think is essential. I think I've decided to go with front load machines so I can put a counter top over them.

I love the counter tops over the machines.

Source: via Rhonda on Pinterest

Would you ever actual use the ironing board in the laudry room?

Source: via Rhonda on Pinterest

Gorgeous! Don't think I need this many machines! :)

Like the simple design.

These are the color options available for the Electrolux Front Load machines. Can you believe that black isn't an option??? What would you choose?

If you have any ideas that you want to send my way I would love to have them.


  1. how fun to get to re-do. we have front-loaders and I love them, but do wish there was a countertop over them, so definitely get that option. i like the deep blue color, myself. i don't iron much, but when i do, it's in my sewing/craft room, so an ironing board would just go to waste in my laundry room. a sink is a really good thing to have in a laundry room, helps with spot removal, soaking, and watering the plants.

  2. I would say that Hawaiian Shores would be my choice. I am not sure if I am going with Electrolux or Samsung so you will have to tell me how you like your machines. Gotta love a table top to fold and for me I would for sure love to have the ironing board out of sight like that and I would use it too ........ I love to iron. I would lock myself in there for hours!!!

  3. Okay, here I thought at first the top photo was your laundry room, now I see you are gathering ideas, that's smart. Yes, I would use the ironing board and the countertop is essential for folding, I agree. I didn't see a laundry tub I don't think, except on the top photo? I would want that for sure, for some hand washables and for rinsing. And go for color!!!! Life is boring enough if you have a choice to get something other than a white appliance!

  4. I like the turquoise-y color. Something I've seen in laundry rooms that I would like to have is a drip-dry area - either a tiled "stall" w/a drain (w/a faucet installed, can also be used for dog-washing) or a rod over a large sink area.

  5. What fun! I have front loaders and love them. Only I have Sears and they have performed wonderfully and are black too! Depending on where this laundry room is would help with my decision on the color. If out of the way, I'd stay with white. Nice and clean looking. A counter over the top is a must and a laundry tub. Under a wall cabinet placed way up high, we have a pole to hang slightly damp items that come out of the dryer. I hardly iron, but when I do I place it near the kitchen. So having one in the laundry room is high on my list! I like Sue's suggestion to install a drain and place to wash a dog! Wish I had that. Do take pictures of what you finally end up with.

  6. We also have front loaders and I would never want anything else. Hubby built them in and added the countertop. Of those colors I would choose the gray or white! I prefer the clean look and might get tired of a bright color. And the ironing board is a great addition. I had a built-in one in a former house & it was wonderful--so much more convenient. Have fun with your project!

  7. I think countertop would be so useful. I love having a laundry tub, and I do iron in my laundry room, although my ironing board is not wonderful hidden built in. I also have a small folding drying rack which is great for air drying those "delicates". Also add plenty of cabinets.

  8. Ooooh - looks so inspiring! I love the idea of counters over the top of the machines - and if the house in the third picture is available I'd *love* to move in! So clean looking! I don't iron in the laundry room - for what its worth, it just seems so cut off from the rest of life in there in my house - so I haul the board out and put it where there are people :0)


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