Cowtown Mission

Won't be much crafty time this week as I begin an  "in town" mission trip. The 2nd Annual Cowtown Mission begins Sunday evening. It is over 100 youth and adult volunteers that will work on 16 homes in our community. There are roofs to repair, houses to paint, flooring to replace, and clean up galore. 

I'm so excited about "my house." It just happens to be the family home of some of the kids we mentor through Kids Hope USA. We would appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we work in 100 degree temperatures.

Thought I would leave you with one picture taken by a friend at our local Sonic last week. You better believe we live in TEXAS!!! Wonder if they got the Route 44?

I hope you have a wonderful week wherever you are!!!


  1. Wishing everyone involved a safe and rewarding week of service.
    Thanks for sharing this funny photo. Even a cowboy needs a Cherry Limeade.

  2. How wonderful to be helping out in the way you are. Wear a hat and drink plenty of water! Your service will be rewarded with hugs and smiles. Love the photo!

  3. Fun photo-even showed it to hubby! Hope you and everyone involved has a productive and safe week. What a wonderful project--hope the heat is not too bad,


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