A Tuesday Tip - Induction Non-stick Frypan

How about a Tuesday Tip? I am always so thankful to learn something new that helps make something a little easier or to get the Ah Ha moment! It could be a new recipe from Pinterest, a tutorial or a new product or .... you get the picture.

My tip today is for everyone who has an induction cook top (works on regular cook tops too) and wants to make a grilled cheese sandwich! We remodeled our kitchen this last year and installed an induction cook top which means you must use cookware that a magnet will stick too. We couldn't find a frypan that was non-stick induction suitable under $150.

Well, my husband and I were killing time in Bed, Bath, and Beyond when we stumbled upon Twiztt by Joan Lunden. Apparently she launched a new cookware line in March 2012. We brought the 10" stainless steel frypan with Ceramic Non-stick home. Only $39.99.

LOVE. LOVE at first bite! I can make a grilled cheese or egg sandwich again. Yep, its the little things. ~Rhonda

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  1. Looks yummy and the clean up looks like a breeze. Happy cooking! :)


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